New music – “Delhicatescence”

This is my latest composition “Delhicatescence”, an Indian flavoured piece of electronica inspired partly by The Doors Concerto (by Jaz Coleman with Nigel Kennedy as the soloist) and the mesmerising sound of Led Zeppelin’s mandolin in “The Battle of Evermore”.

Comments welcome.

New music video – “Oh Yeah”

This video has been taken down by You Tube due to an alleged copyright infringement. I am trying to contact the claimant – so far without success. Work in progress!

New video, old song. As promised, my back catalogue of music is getting a new lease of life as I turn them into videos. Here’s one more.

Warning: sexually implicit content, mixed musical styles and a narrative bordering on the surreal.

Note: this is a draft version; there are still some outstanding technical issues. Comments welcome.