Cyberdrome Revisited

Just in case you’re wondering “Who / what the hell is Cyberdrome?”, well, we built the first eight commercial Crystal Mazes back in the nineties. So, if you’re interested in all that, please read on…

Welcome to the “Cyberdrome Revisited” website. This contains a reconstruction of the original website, first created in 1996 – just after our first maze closed in Blackpool.

Additional material and more recent news have been included in the “Extras” part of this website and a what’s happening now in “Crystal Maze in 2020”.


All the Cyberdrome Crystal Mazes are closed now and Cyberdrome itself no longer exists.


OK, that’s the formalities disposed of; now you are free to explore the lost world of Cyberdrome…

Original website (reconstructed)


Crystal Maze in 2020