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A cornucopia of leftovers from the heady days when Cyberdrome was knocking out Crystal Mazes every year and there seemed no end to the bounty.

This is also a place for collective and collected nostalgia – surprisingly, there are still people interested in what we did.



See below for list of people in the photos.


Note: People are referred to in the photos’ descriptions but unfortunately these are not visible with this version of NextGen. This is work in progress.

  • Barry: Original system architect and programmer of the Maze central controller and network software
  • Chris: took over from Barry; redesigned the maze hardware and interfaces and built a new games development environment
  • David: managing director of Cyberdrome
  • Fiona: originally “Peter”, project managed all the Mazes from Oakwood on
  • Level 9 (Mike, Mike, Pete): original games programmers & designers of external hardware and interfaces (Nick not in this picture)
  • Sue: Maze artist and themer for all the Mazes
  • Tim: hardware and games programmer, site maintenance
  • Yuka: Maze operator at Kuwana (in title picture at the top of this page) – see letter from her below:


Letter from Yuka, operator at Kuwana Crystal Maze, Japan
Fifth year anniversary pen, Cyberdrome Enterprises
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