Carbon offsetting my travels in 2019

I’ve calculated the amount of CO2 generated on my travels in 2019 and ways to offset it by contributing to a basket of carbon mitigation projects.

The results are surprising:

  • Total distance travelled: 75,651 kilometres
  • Total CO2 generated: 11,042 kilograms
  • Total contribution required: £107.98

This is a minute amount of money compared with the many thousands of pounds I have spent on these trips. The conclusion is obvious:

I can easily afford to offset my travels and so can YOU!!

They say “charity starts at home” and I believe this to be true for carbon offsetting; while some people may contribute to the grand schemes by engaging politically, joining action groups or going on demonstrations etc., very few are willing to take responsibility for their own footprint and dip into their own pockets.

My aim is to be carbon neutral by the time I die; what about YOU?

I have allocated my “debt” over three projects, including a tree planting scheme in the UK. All projects I subscribe to are verified according to QAS standards.

You can also use the tool I’ve created – you just have to put your own trips in and refresh the pivot table. You can then allocate your contribution to the various projects as you wish. Please feel free to check my figures – all feedback is greatly appreciated!

I’ll be using it to offset my travels in 2018, 2017 … as far back as I have records for, which is about 1998. Before that it will be informed guesswork back to 1970 when I was eighteen and before which I consider to be my parents’ footprint – not mine. By the same token, I consider my children’s footprints to be shared between me and their mother, up to the age of eighteen.

“What about heating and lighting?” you might say. My answer: “Watch this space!”.

New Gallery “Auschwitz” added

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz I have decided to include pictures from my visit there in 2008. If this provokes discussion then it will have served its purpose to raise and maintain awareness of the holocaust and help stop the declaration “Nie Wieder” [Never Again] fading from memory.

You can find it here.

BBC 2019 Film Review

It’s scary just how many films I haven’t heard of, let alone seen in 2019. Anyway, this BBC review will help you catch up in 2020.

So here are the films they saw fit to review:

  • Ad Astra (20th Century Fox)
  • Aladdin (Disney) – Guy Ritchie
  • Amazing Grace (StudioCanal)
  • Aniara (Arrow Films) Swedish
  • Apollo 11 (Dogwoof)
  • Atlantics (Netflix) French Senegalese
  • Bait (BFI)
  • Birds of Passage (Curzon)
  • Black Klansman – Spike Lee
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (20th Century Fox)
  • Capurnaum (Picturehouse) Arabic
  • Dirty God (Modern Films)
  • Dolemite is My Name (Netflix)
  • Eighth Grade (Sony)
  • For Sama (Republic Film) Syrian
  • Green Book (Entertainment One)
  • High Life (Thunderbird)
  • I Lost My Body (Netflix) French animation
  • If Beale Street Could Talk (Entertainment One)
  • Joker (Warner Bros)
  • Klaus (Netflix)
  • Knives Out (Lionsgate)
  • Little Joe (BFI)
  • Little Women (Sony)
  • Marriage Story (Netflix)
  • Monos (Picturehouse) Spanish
  • Never Look Away (Modern Films) German
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  • Ordinary Love (Focus Features)
  • Out of Blue (PIcturehouse)
  • Pain and Glory (Pathe/20th Century Fox) – Pedro Almodovar
  • Parasite (StudioCanal) Korean
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Curzon)
  • Rocketman (Sony)
  • Roma (Netflix)
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Disney)
  • The Farewell (Entertainment Film)
  • The Favourite
  • The Irishman (Netflix) – Martin Scorsese
  • The Last Tree (Picturehouse)
  • The Souvenir (Curzon)
  • The Two Popes (Netflix)
  • Us (Universal)
  • Wild Rose (Entertainment One)
  • Woman at War (Picturehouse) Swedish

How many have you seen? There are 45 listed here, less than one a week!

Atomic Humanism

Natasha Thoday presents the case for maintaining a nuclear power element of world electricity supply as the only viable means of meeting demand whilst at the same time eliminating fossil fuel use and mitigating the variability of renewable energy supplies. The stark conclusion is that we will require more electricity from nuclear power than even the nuclear industry itself is suggesting, based on the Harmony Report which is remarkably vague about exactly what the non-nuclear element will comprise.

This paper is an urgent call for political actors, parties and their networks in the UK to establish a robust long-term statutory framework to create the “Ultimate Power Couple” a Pro-Nuclear electricity generation partnership with Wind Water & Solar renewable energy in recognition that it is the physical world, of science, maths and engineering that determines what is politically possible, not the other way round. All the evidence presented and analysed here below, very strongly suggests there is an urgent need for such a new state supported industrial partnership to be formed: a) to create tens of thousands of new jobs building domestic infrastructure; b) to expand UK technology exports; and c) ensure immediate and ongoing action to realise and sustain these outcomes.

Click here to download the full report.

About the author

Natasha graduated in 1982 specialising in 3D design, and worked in industry designing spiral staircases, and high end audio (vacuum tube, horn speaker & vinyl turntables).
She has written & filed 2 patents, rebuilt a 5 storey terraced house, is a secondary, further & higher education teacher, special educational needs (EBD & ASD), was diving officer at University of Brighton Sub Aqua club for a decade, and worked as a whale shark spotter at Ningaloo reef during 1 year tour of SE Asia’s wrecks & reefs.
In 2001 she completed a Post Graduate Diploma, Business Research, (first of two year MA Change Management), University of Brighton, throughout the early 2000’s active in Brighton’s multi agency Home Office funded Anti Victimisation Initiative (AVI), participated in University of Brighton ‘Count Me In’ research, wrote and won several high profile employment tribunal cases supported by (former) statutory body (EOC), in 2007 helped set up Transition Town Brighton, in 2011 helped Occupy Brighton.
Since 2013 Natasha’s been running a local electronic musicians collective that regularly puts on synthesiser jams and DJ gigs.
Since 2014 she’s been advocating for local people the ASD spectrum, helped secure local authority housing and written and won disability (PIPs & ESA) appeals.
In 2015 Natasha completed the University of Cumbria MA equivalent online (MOOC) course Money & Society.

Diamonds are forever

Diamonds are forever but ozone is a girl’s best friend

Inventor and entrepreneur Carl Nicholson has revealed details of a new technology which promises to revolutionise the way we combat both global warming and ozone layer depletion in one device. Called RAM for “Reverse Armageddon Machine”, the device extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converts it into diamonds and ozone using solar energy alone. The massively negative carbon footprint of the prototype is mooted to be forty kilograms of carbon removed per megawatt-hour of solar energy, producing four million dollars worth of industrial quality diamonds and over a hundred kilogrammes of eighty percent pure ozone (the other twenty percent being oxygen) every day.

This highly guarded secret will be made public when trials finish next year and he applies for worldwide patents. In the meantime Nicholson says he is working on refinements which will allow the percentage of ozone to be varied from zero to one hundred percent. Sources close to him also suggest that he is on the verge of using the device to produce gem quality diamonds. He won’t comment on this, but it is understood at the moment that this is a much slower and less cost-effective process. He says he is more interested in a deal with the airlines to deliver ozone to depleted areas of the planet and is prepared to use some of the profits from the diamonds to achieve this. He is already in talks with Richard Branston of Maiden Atlantic and Michael O’Flaherty of Bryan Air.

So, is this the philosopher’s stone or the cold fusion of global warming? We asked a few top people in the field what they knew and thought about Nicholson’s claims for RAM. Scientists at MIT, Oregon were sceptical. They say they’ve been working on a similar device, but the ozone yield is much lower and they haven’t been able to produce diamonds at all. They doubt it is possible to create the pressures needed to produce diamonds using the kind of technology the RAM team describes. They are also doubtful about the performance of the catalysts used to convert oxygen to ozone and vice versa. Professor Alan Bentall, of the Cambridge School of Mines said “This is a load of hype to raise the share price before selling out to some diamond mining company.” and went on to add “On the other hand, if there is anything in it [RAM] then it is a serious threat to the diamond industry and worth a great deal of money. I don’t think he [Carl Nicholson] knows the kind of people he is dealing with.” The jury is still out on what Nicholson will do if the technology actually works, but now the Pandora’s box is well and truly open it is only a matter of time before something serious happens.