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This is the place to look for items that have been added or changed recently and some that are currently still in work. “How recently?” you may ask. Well, how long is a piece of string? It depends.

New Videos

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The new video “Oh Yeah” has been reworked to replace the dream sequence which was the subject of a copyright infringement claim (see below) causing it to be taken down.

This video was taken down by You Tube because of a copyright infringement claim by a Japanese supplier of surveillance equipment to the military. The claim relates to a couple of minutes of night time aerial photography taken by a drone flying over a Japanese city – perfect clips for the dream sequence part of the video. I wrote them three emails – the last one transIated into Japanese by Google Translate – with no response. I was given a “strike” or written warning by You Tube; three and you’re out – ooh er!

The last video to survive publication on You Tube was a short sketch about life during during the COVID-19 pandemic.