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The Eagle – 53rd edition, slightly soiled

The Eagle – 1970, good condition

Drama Programme – Great Academies 1968

Measure for Measure Programme

Larry Dunsmore Recital


Note from Father Bossy posted in the New Wing common room. His writing style is unmistakable… I wonder what Xi Jinping’s memos are like?

[Amended] Class Lists for 1969

A good reference for identifying those of us who’ve gone off the radar / shuffled off our mortal coils etc. See table below (for our year only) and pdf (for the complete listing). Note: those who left after o’levels aren’t listed here.

Members of Rhetoric and Poetry (1969)

Anderson Peter D.03 Mar 1951Poetry III
Archer John E.21 Jul 1951Poetry II
Auchincloss T. Ralph22 Jan 1952Rhetoric
Baker Charles05 Aug 1950Rhetoric
Ball Charles P.31 Mar 1952Poetry III
Bancroft-Livingston Mark09 Oct 1952Rhetoric
Berkeley Hugh G.28 Jul 1952Poetry II
Berkeley Mowbray T.15 Feb 1952Rhetoric
Biggie Hugh H.11 Jun 1952Poetry II
Bingham Mark E.20 Jun 1952Poetry III
Bishop Christopher C.17 Nov 1952Poetry III
Blackwell John19 Feb 1952Poetry II
Bloxham Peter J,R.12 Mar 1952Rhetoric
Brown Philip29 Aug 1952Rhetoric
Butcher Stephen J.25 Feb 1952Poetry III
Cafferty Michael L.28 Feb 1952Rhetoric
Campbell James K.13 Feb 1953Poetry III
Church George R.06 Feb 1952Poetry III
Cox Graham J.20 Aug 1951Poetry III
Culatto Lionel W.11 Jun 1952Poetry II
Dawes Richard M.02 May 1952Poetry II
Devlin Hugh08 Sep 1951Rhetoric
Doubt Jam26 Jan 1951Rhetoric
Dowling Edward H.31 Dec 1951Poetry II
Egerton Joseph22 Apr 1952Rhetoric
Elston Adrian A.21 Mar 1952Poetry III
Evelegh Jonathan D. 27 Sep 1952Poetry III
Farrington John D.25 Feb 1952Poetry II
Fieth Andrew J.29 Mar 1952Poetry III
Floyd Timothy18 Aug 1951Poetry II
Frank Simon22 Aug 1951Poetry III
Garrett Peter J.08 Jun 1952Rhetoric
Goodier James O.16 Dec 1951Rhetoric
Green John P.10 Dec 1951Poetry II
Gregory Hugh R.03 Nov 1951Poetry II
Gryspeerdt Robert27 Apr 1951Rhetoric
Hadshar Martin C.02 Jun 1952Rhetoric
Hallett David21 May 1951Poetry II
Hanratty Patrick T.21 Feb 1952Poetry II
Hargreaves John C.18 Apr 1952Poetry II
Hickey Charles31 Aug 1952Poetry II
Holder Stephen21 Jan 1952Poetry II
Holt James M.02 Nov 1952Rhetoric
Hurst David T.14 Jun 1952Rhetoric
Johnson Nicholas A.06 Jan 1953Rhetoric
Keane Patrick14 Feb 1951Rhetoric
Knowles Jeremy J.23 Apr 1952Poetry III
Lanceley Colin P.23 Oct 1951Poetry III
Lees John25 Jan 1952Poetry III
Llewellyn David02 Jul 1952Poetry II
Lo Robert A.10 Dec 1951Rhetoric
Lomax Peter A.06 Aug 1951Poetry II
Malone-Lee James G.22 Sep 1951Poetry III
Marshland David08 Jan 1952Poetry II
Matthey Francis13 Jun 1952Rhetoric
Matthey John13 Jun 1952Poetry II
McElligott John M.01 May 1951Poetry III
Middlehurst Edmund29 Jul 1952Poetry II
Millar Lawrence V.18 Dec 1952Rhetoric
Nicholson Carl. A. 25 Jun 1952Poetry III
O'Brien Anthony B.20 May 1951Poetry II
O'Flynn Patrick C.29 Oct 1951Poetry II
O'Sullivan Mark13 Sep 1951Rhetoric
Parker Christopher D.14 Jul 1951Rhetoric
Powell Philip05 Nov 1951Rhetoric
Rhatigan Michael V.
09 Apr 1952Poetry II
Roche Stephen05 Aug 1951Poetry III
Rock Patrick01 Jun 1951Rhetoric
Rockliff Francis29 Jul 1951Poetry II
Russell-Jones Martin26 Jan 1952Poetry III
Savundra Emil07 Oct 1951Rhetoric
Spiteri Nello04 May 1952Poetry III
Symonds Richard01 Aug 1952Poetry III
Unsworth J. Nicholas28 Jan 1953Rhetoric
Van de Steene Luc12 Nov 1951Poetry II
WaIter Stephen27 Apr 1951Poetry III
Wallerstein Konrad28 Sep 1952Poetry III
Whelan Paul L.31 Jul 1952Poetry III
Wilkinson George J.08 Jun 1951Poetry III
Wooldridge Hugh de L.18 Jun 1952Poetry II
Wylde John R.28 Jul 1952Poetry II

And the full listing for that year

The Curious Incident of the Car in the Night

I was never officially identified as the trigger for this unfortunate chain of events…

Nerd alert: who was integrating 1/(x-1) on my copy? It’s not my handwriting. An interesting example of limits and infinite series – as I appreciated later when I did the pure maths part of my MSc!

Stonyhurst diary 1971

Complete with list of cigarettes – To buy? Smoked? Owned? Owed? Who knows? Surely the currency of Her Majesty’s pleasure not a prestigious alma mater…? [That’s enough question marks. Ed]

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