Roman Games in trouble again

Team Christians has quit the Roman games citing mental health issues. Spokesperson Lucius Ectorius said “Preparing to be thrown to the lions takes years of training and is one of the most stressful sports there is.”

Three gladiators have tested positive for the performance enhancing drug opium novum and have been banned for five years. Emperor Titus was unavailable for comment.

Green Mini – greener than you think

It can’t get much greener than this: electric windows, windscreen wipers and door locks; even the starter motor is electric! The only thing that isn’t is the engine, but I use that for charging the battery, so that’s not going anywhere. Oh, did I mention the paintwork? Racing Green. Green and racey. Pretty cool huh?

A Christmas Greeting

“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away” (Job 1:21) – why Covid-19 is good for us.

Post-war baby boomers and their living predecessors are two of the groups most susceptible to the current pandemic and are suffering fatal consequences in great numbers (the boomer remover).

Risk reduction measures have included self-isolation and social distancing, full quarantining in many cases. This has led to couples spending more time at home together which will no doubt lead to a new baby boom in a few months time.

“Every cloud has a silver lining” as they say and indeed the Covid-19 cloud is shining brightly, turning the age demographic on its head and fixing some long term problems in its wake.

Pension fund holes, increased rates of Alzheimer’s, housing shortages, more elderly and fewer young are all placing great strains on the NHS and the economy as a whole. Covid deals with all of these in one fell swoop: it decimates the old and replaces them with the new. Like a bush fire, it clears the way for new growth and renewal and should be celebrated. Happy New Year!

New Videos

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The new video “Oh Yeah” has been reworked to replace the dream sequence which was the subject of a copyright infringement claim (see below) causing it to be taken down.

This video was taken down by You Tube because of a copyright infringement claim by a Japanese supplier of surveillance equipment to the military. The claim relates to a couple of minutes of night time aerial photography taken by a drone flying over a Japanese city – perfect clips for the dream sequence part of the video. I wrote them three emails – the last one transIated into Japanese by Google Translate – with no response. I was given a “strike” or written warning by You Tube; three and you’re out – ooh er!

The last video to survive publication on You Tube was a short sketch about life during during the COVID-19 pandemic.