New Cyberdrome “Extras” gallery added

There’s a new gallery “Extras” on the Cyberdrome Extras page with all the photos I have in my possession, starting with the initial “Dragon Quest” concept development in 1989 through to Crystal Maze construction in Dubai in 1998.

Unfortunately I can’t display the descriptions with the current gallery plugin I’m using, so you can’t see my carefully crafted explanations – this is work in progress!

Featured picture is of core on-site gang (minus Fiona) having a day off from the Honmoku Crystal Maze at Mount Fuji.

French Film Night Thursday 27th February

The next French film night will be on Thursday the 27th February and will be a showing of “Dialogue Avec Mon Jardinier” (“Conversations with my Gardener”, English subtitles). Hope to see you then!

Schedule: Please try to arrive by 8.00pm in time for some pre-film banter and to sort out seating arrangements, drinks, snacks etc. Film starts at 8.30pm.

BYO: Please bring anything you would like to eat or drink with you.

Registration: if you would like to come, please use the comment facility in this post so everyone can see who is coming.

Parking: There is room for two cars in the car park if you park immediately in front of mine (first come first served). If you are unsure of my address, please contact me via my private gmail or, failing that, the address given in the INFO section of this website.

Big thanks to Paul Winter for recommendation and loan of this DVD.

New video “Evolution” published on You Tube

This is a re-release of the very first piece of electronica I ever produced. The format is music video, with brand new graphics and added “ambience”.

The theme is an ironic battle of ideas between the theory of evolution and creationism where creationism wins – a not inconsiderable abuse of artistic license.

Please feel free to comment; the first two comments refer to an earlier version published as a preliminary draft. These have been taken into account for production of the final publication. Enjoy!