New video “Evolution” published on You Tube

This is a re-release of the very first piece of electronica I ever produced. The format is music video, with brand new graphics and added “ambience”.

The theme is an ironic battle of ideas between the theory of evolution and creationism where creationism wins – a not inconsiderable abuse of artistic license.

Please feel free to comment; the first two comments refer to an earlier version published as a preliminary draft. These have been taken into account for production of the final publication. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “New video “Evolution” published on You Tube”

  1. Pro’s – develops well, good integraton of imagery and sound. I particularly liked the bats in B&W.
    Con’s – over use of the auto panner and a bit more ambient sound might help in places, there is quite a lot of silence at start and finish. For a viewer without any knowledge of your standpoint, it would be hard to see what the overall ‘message’ is. Evolution is a hypothesis backed up with evidence from a vast diversity of sources whereas christianity/genesis is a mere story. In the video narrative they seem to have equal weighting/credibility. You can’t really compare the two although of course people do.
    Also not sure about the field of barley, which is the result of selective breeding, effective pesticides and herbicides and is very much a man made creation rather than someting evolved.
    Make the message clear work some temperate zone atmos into the soundtrack and I can see this on channel 4 late nght.

    1. Thanks Phil, all good points.
      I can’t do much with the soundtrack because I did it in Cakewalk which I no longer have. I could add some more ambient sounds to liven up the beginning and ends though.
      The ambiguity / neutrality is ironic. No-one in their right mind believes the biblical account of things literally.
      As far as the field of barley is concerned, evolution still holds whether the mutation process (eg. genetic modification) or the selection process, or both are artificial.
      Channel 4 late night? I wish!

      1. By way of disclaimer, the graphics and any meaning attached to them are incidental to the music, the narrative a mere convenience. The music always comes first; the video is just window dressing. However, I might start doing things the other way round at some point…

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