Welcome to Blackpool!

These pictures were taken in September 2018; this was my review in TripAdvisor:

Las Vegas it isn’t and the only nuggets you’ll find on the Golden Mile will be McNuggets. But when you climb your own Blackpool Tower and rise above the ubiquitous tat, rampant obesity and obligatory sportswear you will see a fairytale city full of people having fun. The glitter and sparkly lights are just skin deep, but underneath all that is a city that is reinventing itself and presenting a new model for British coastal holiday towns everywhere.
The renovated seafront, the beautiful trams and the city centre are a welcome sign that somebody, somewhere, is doing something right. Blackpool is big enough for everybody and will always have a special place in my heart as the birthplace of the first commercial Crystal Maze.
The Royal Carlton hotel was disappointing; despite its marvellous location and pretentious name it provided only a basic level of comfort and quality. The bedroom walls were paper thin and the window catch broken and dirty. However, breakfast was good, the staff were friendly and helpful and, at the end of the day, it was actually quite good value. Maybe it should be spelled “The Royle Carlton Hotel”.