The Stonyhurst Galleries

Welcome to The Stonyhurst Galleries. This is a collection of pictures, mostly from films and prints I developed in the photographic society darkroom, together with a few donated by fellow pupils over the years. Please feel free to contribute!

The original pictures are mostly unprocessed scans of negatives, many of which were in appalling condition, some of which were terrible photos to begin with.

However, fossils are seldom recovered in mint condition and it is only a matter of time before these gems are polished in Photoshop to become works of art or just further evidence of our existence and that, yes, we were once creative and cool, young and foolish, sensitive and vulnerable. So what’s changed?

There are five galleries (some with multiple rooms), organised as follows:

  1. Miscellaneous (6 rooms)
  2. Rogues Gallery – for portraits
  3. Sport (2 rooms)
  4. Greece 1968 (2 rooms)
  5. Exhibition – for a more creative approach

Please observe site rules for galleries, ie. no food or drink to be taken in and mobile phones set to flight mode. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Gallery 1. Miscellaneous

Gallery 2. Rogues Gallery

Gallery 3. Sport

Gallery 4. Greece 1968

Gallery 5. Exhibition