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Film Index & Online Programming

Below you will find the DVD index for the Cavendish Place Video Library. In addition to these, private showings may also include programming from:

  • BBC i>Player
  • All4
  • ITV Hub
  • Freeview channels
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
12 Years a Slave64
2001 A Space Odyssey21
2010 The Year We Make Contact21
3:10 to Yuma122
5 Flights Up122
6th Day [The]121
8 Mile84
About a Boy91
Absolute Power72
Addams Family Values31
Adolph Hitler 1919-194594
Adventures of Baron Munchausen [The]31
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle [The]65
Alan Bennet - At the BBC122
Alan Bennet - Complete Talking Heads [The]122
Ali G in da USA113
Ali G Indahouse113
All the Queen's Men65
Allo, Allo (series 1-9, complete)122
Ally McBeal (seasons 1-5)121
Amazing Jonathan [The]53
American Gangster121
American Graffiti12
American History71
Amy Winehouse - Love Me Tomorrow112
An Inconvenient Truth94
Analyze This11
Angel Heart12
Angela's Ashes82
Apocalypse Now71
Apollo 1381
Apu Trilogy - Aparajito13
Apu Trilogy - Pather Panchali13
Apu Trilogy - World of Apu [The]13
Arlington Road121
Armstrong & Miller Show [The]122
As Good as it Gets (Besser gehts...)11
Assassination of Jesse James [The]122
Austin Powers - Goldmember (Goldständer)113
Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (Austin Powers)113
Austin Powers - Spy Who Shagged Me (Spion in...) [The]113
Avatar - 3D93
Babette's Feast92
Back to the Future (Trilogy)111
Bagdad Cafe73
Band of Brothers122
Batman Begins21
Batman Forever21
Batman Returns21
Be Cool62
Beethoven Symphonies 5-8112
Before I go to Sleep121
Before Sunset64
Behind Enemy Lines122
Bend it like Beckham ("Kick...")63
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel111
Best Laid Plans122
Bhaji on the Beach73
Big Bang Theory (seasons 1-6)122
Big Fish121
Big Lebowski [The]122
Big Train (series 1-2, complete)123
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey41
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure41
Bill Bailey - Inevitable Box Set [The]122
Bill Bailey - Qualm Peddlar122
Bill Hicks - One Night Stand54
Billy Connolly - Down Under123
Billy Elliot63
Black Book13
Black Books (Complete box set)101
Black Dahlia [The]65
Blackadder - The Complete123
Blanca Nieves92
Blazing Saddles83
Blind Side [The]121
Blood Diamond11
Blue Jasmine74
Blue Planet [The]123
Blues Brothers [The]41
Blues Brothers 200041
Bo Selecta (series 1-3, complete)123
Body Heat14
Body of Lies122
Bollywood Queen123
Bone Collector [The]74
Born to Kill? Dr Harold Shipman94
Bourne Identity [The]64
Brassed Off63
Breaking Bad (Series 1 - Final, complete)103
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason75
Bridget Jones's Diary75
Brighton Rock14
Brokeback Mountain81
Bucket List [The]121
Buffalo Soldiers12
Burn after Reading85
Cable Guy [The]91
Calendar Girls63
Casino Jack121
Cat Ballou62
Catherine Tate Show (series 1-2, complete) [The]122
Chicken Run83
Children of Men12
China Syndrome [The]84
City of Women12
Client (Der Klient) [The]14
Clockwork Orange [A]72
Cohen Brothers - Fargo11
Cohen Brothers - Miller's Crossing11
Cohen Brothers - Raising Arizona11
Cold Mountain74
Come Fly with Me51
Comedy Superstars 201152
Comic Strip Presents (complete collection) [The]122
Cooper's Half Hours123
Copying Beethoven112
Coupling (series 1-5, complete)123
Cracker (All)103
Crazy Heart62
Crimes of Passion61
Crocodile Dundee113
Crocodile Dundee II113
Curb Your Enthusiasm (series 1-6)121
Dallas Buyers Club13
Damages (season 1)121
Daniel Tosh - Completely Serious53
Danny Boyle - 28 Days Later12
Danny Boyle - Beach [The]12
Danny Boyle - Sunshine12
Dara O'Briain - 2006 - 2010 Live Collection [The]123
Dara O'Briain - Craic Dealer54
Das Boot61
Das Wunder von Bern92
David Attenborough - Collection - 3D93
David Beckham - Into the Unknown94
David Mitchel's Soapbox123
Day After Tomorrow [The]122
Dead Man Walking64
Dead Poets Society71
Deepwater Horizon122
Deer Hunter [The]71
Departed [The]62
Der Shuh Des Manitou92
Descendants [The]121
Desperate Housewives (seasons 1-4, complete)123
Devil Wears Prada [The]85
Devils [The]82
Dick Tracy83
Die Fetten Jahre sind Vorbei92
Dirty Harry13
District 931
Doctor Shivago81
Doctor Strange122
Don Juan12
Donnie Brasco11
Donnie Darko11
Doors [The]112
Dorian Gray82
Dr. Strangelove113
Duchess [The]13
Dylan Moran - Live Collection [The]53
Dylan Moran - Off the Hook53
Dylan Moran - What it Is53
Dylan Moran - Yeah, yeah53
East is East73
Easy Rider84
Ed Wood12
Eddie Izzard - New York54
Eddie Izzard - Sexie54
Eddie Izzard - Stripped54
Edge of Love [The]121
Elvira Madigan122
Enemy of the State62
English Patient [The]122
Enigma (Bletchley Park)65
Enigma (CIA thriller)14
Enter the Dragon84
Episodes (series 1-4)122
Erin Brokovich74
Essential Dennis Potter [The]123
Even Cowgirls get the Blues75
Eye of the Storm [The]121
Family Tree123
Fargo - Year 3121
Fast Show [The]123
Father of my Children65
Fear and Loathing in Las vegas121
Ferris Bueller's Day Off113
Fight Club14
Fire (Kaminfeuer)112
Fish Called Wanda [A]83
Fisher King (König der Fischer)81
Five Corners121
Flags of our Fathers123
Flash Gordon31
Flashbacks of a Fool14
Flight of the Conchords (Series 1 - 2, complete)102
Forever Mine64
Forty Something113
Four Lions85
Four Weddings and a Funeral73
Frasier (series 1-7)121
Friday Night Lights122
Fried Green Tomatoes (Grüne Tomaten)113
From Hell121
Frost / Nixon74
Full Monty [The]63
Funny Bones63
Galaxy Quest41
Game [The]121
Games (series 1) [The]123
Gangland UK62
Gavin & Stacy The Complete Collection122
George Harrison - Living in the Material World112
Get Shorty (Schnappt Shorty)123
Getting On (series 1-2)123
Gilbert Grape [What's eating]83
Girl Interrupted71
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [The]121
Godfather (trilogy) [The]123
Good Morning Vietnam71
Good Night, and Good Luck61
Good Shepherd [The]11
Good Will Hunting65
Goodbye Lenin92
Gosford Park13
Gran Torino121
Gravity - 3D93
Great Gatsby [The]121
Green Wing (series 1-3, complete)123
Grey's Anatomy (complete)123
Hal Cruttenden - Tough Luvvie52
Harry and June65
Harry Brown122
Harry Hill - In Hooves54
Harry Hill - Movie [The]123
Harry Potter - And the Chamber of Secrets (Kammer des...)111
Harry Potter - And the Half-Blood Prince111
Harry Potter - And the Philosopher's Stone (Stein der...)111
Harry Potter - And the Prisoner of Askaban (Gefangene von...)111
Herbert von Karajan Memorial Concert112
Hide and Seek11
High Fidelity85
High Plains Drifter61
History Boys [The]61
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [The]121
Hitler's War94
Hot Fuzz123
Hotel Babylon (series 1-4, complete)122
House (complete)123
House of Cards (Trilogy) [The]12
Hundred Foot Journey [The]73
Hurt Locker13
Ideal (series 1-7, complete)121
Imitation Game [The]81
In the Line of Fire82
Incredibles [The]41
Interpreter [The]121
Invention of Lying [The]75
IT Crowd (Series 1 - 3) [The]101
Italian Job [The]61
Jack Dee - Duke of York54
Jack Dee - Live Standup123
Jack Whitehall - Gets Around, Wembley Arena52
Jason Byrne - Out of the Box54
Jeremy Clarkson - Good the Bad and the Ugly [The]94
Jimeion - Over the Top52
J-M. Cousteau - Trilogy - 3D93
Jo Brand - Barely Live52
Joanna Lumley - In the Land of the Northern Lights94
Joanna Lumley - Nile94
John Bishop - Roller Coaster52
Joker [The]122
Josh Widdecombe - And Another Thing54
Julian Clary - Lord of the Mince53
Jurassic World - 3D93
Karl Valentin & Lisl Karlstadt - Spielfilme92
Katy Brand's Big Ass Show (series 1-2)123
Keith Lemon - Film [The]123
Keith Lemon - Very Brilliant World Tour123
Kentucky Fried Movie123
Kill Bill Volume 184
Kill Bill Volume 284
Killing Fields [The]61
King of Comedy [The]81
King Ralph85
King's Speech [The]122
Kiss of Death122
L4yer Cake64
LA Confidential12
La Vie en Rose92
Ladies in Lavender121
Lady in the Van [The]62
Lang Lang - Liszt My Piano Hero112
Larry Flint62
Last Chance to See (The Complete Collection)94
Last Days [The]14
Last Days of Frankie the Fly [The]122
Last King of Scotland [The]62
League of Gentlemen Complete [The]122
League of Gentlemen Live at Drury Lane [The]122
Legend of 1900 (Die Legende von...) [The]84
Lemony Snickets (Rätselhafte Ereignisse)31
Liesl Karlstadt und Karl Valentin92
Life of Pi - 3D93
Liquid Sky122
Little Britain (Series 1 - 3, complete)51
Little Britain Live51
Little Britain USA51
Little Buddha121
Little Voice63
Local Hero63
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels63
Lone Ranger (4 episodes) [The]85
Long Good Friday [The]82
Long Way Down94
Long Way Round94
Looking for Mr. Goodbar122
Lorenzo's Oil122
Loriot - Complete121
Lost in Translation123
Louis Theroux - Collection [The]122
Love, Honour and Obey121
Lovely Bones122
Luther (series 1-3)122
Machinist [The]11
Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome41
Madmen (series 1-5)123
Madness of King George [The]72
Man Stroke Woman123
Manchurian Candidate [The]13
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom82
Mansfield Park82
Marion & Geoff123
Mars Attacks31
Mash (seasons 1 - 11, complete)121
Mash (the film)121
Mask [The]83
Master and Commander81
Matrix Reloaded21
Mean Machine111
Meaning of Life [The]113
Men In Black 3 MIB341
Men In Black II MIIB41
Men In Black MIB41
Miami Vice64
Michael Jackson - Dangerous, The Short Films112
Michael Jackson - HIStory112
Michael McIntyre - Hello Wembley53
Michael McIntyre - Live and Laughing53
Michael McIntyre - Happy and Glorious53
Mighty Boosh (series 1-3, complete) [The]123
Mighty Boosh Live [The]123
Million Dollar Baby121
Million Ways to Die in the West [A]75
Million Years BC [A]121
Milton Jones - On the Road54
Minority Report21
Miranda (complete boxset) 123
Miss Congeniality113
Miss Congeniality 2113
Miss Potter75
Mitchell and Webb - Magician [The]102
Moguls [The]122
Monroe (Series 1 - 2, complete)121
Monsoon Wedding73
Monster's Ball61
Moone Boy (Series 1 - 3, complete)101
Motorcycle Diaries [The]84
Mr. Woodcock123
Mrs Henderson111
Munich 1972121
Murder Ballad [A]13
Murder by Numbers (Mord nach Plan)14
Muriel's Wedding73
My Beautiful Launderette73
My Big Fat Greek Wedding73
My Name is Earle (seasons 1-3)122
Mystic River12
Natural Born Killers12
New World [The]62
Night at the Museum91
Night Manager [The]121
Night of the Living Dead121
Night Porter [The]82
No Country for Old Men61
No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency [The]123
Noel Fielding - Luxury Comedy123
Nowhere Boy112
Ocean's Thirteen65
Ocean's Twelve65
Office (Christmas specials) [The]102
Office (UK version, series 1 - 2, complete) [The]102
Oh Lucky Man!72
One and Only [The]122
One Chance121
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (Ein Flog...)71
One Hour Photo81
One Night at McCool's123
Operation: Broken Arrow62
Oscar Wilde82
Pale Rider74
Panic Room74
Parade's End85
Parks and Recreations (seasons 1-4)123
Peep Show (series 1-5)123
Perfect Storm [The]64
Periode 192
Peter Kay - Bolton Albert Hall54
Peter Kay - Car Share123
Peter Kay - Cradle to Grave123
Peter Kay - Driven to Distraction123
Peter Kay - Live at the Manchester Arena54
Peter Kay - Live at the Top of the Tower Blackpool54
Peter Kay - Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere123
Peter Kay - Phoenix Nights123
Peter Kay - Special Kay54
Peter Kay - That Peter Kay Thing123
Peter Kay - Tour that Didn't Tour - Tour [The]54
Phil Silvers Show (complete) [The]121
Pianist [The]82
Piano [The]61
Piano Blues112
Pirates of the Carribean83
Planet Earth123
Prick up your Ears72
Pride and Prejudice13
Prime Suspect (complete)123
Priscilla Queen of the Desert73
Prizzi's Honor (Die Ehre der Prizzis)14
Producers [The]113
Quatsch Comedy Club92
Queen [The]84
Quiet American [The]122
Rab C Nesbitt (Series 1 - 3, 5-10 incomplete)51
Rab C Nesbitt Seasonal Greet51
Railway Children [The]85
Rainmaker [The]64
Reader [The]121
Red Dwarf (Series I-VIII, X)101
Requiem for a Dream121
Ricky Gervais - Animals102
Ricky Gervais - Extras (series 1-2, complete)123
Ricky Gervais - Fame102
Ricky Gervais - Gets out of England102
Ricky Gervais - Politics102
Ricky Gervais - Science102
Road to Perdition [The]121
Rob Brydon - Live52
Robin Hood121
Rock Profile51
Rocky Horror Show [The]83
Romeo and Juliet12
Romesh Ranganathan - Irrational Live23
Room with a View [A]82
Roseanne (series 1-9, complete)123
Ross Noble - Australia Trip52
Ross Noble - Headspace Cowboy52
Ross Noble - Nobleism52
Ross Noble - Randomist52
Rumble Fish71
Run Fat Boy Run123
Runaway Jury121
Russell Brand - O253
Salaam Bombay82
Salt of the Earth94
Sandra Bernhard - I'm still here ... Damn it!122
Sandra Bernhard - Without you I'm nothing122
Sapphires [The]112
Sarah Millican - Outsider Live23
Sarah Millican - Thoroughly Modern Millican23
Saving Grace (Grasgeflüster)63
Schindler's List11
Score [The]64
Scrubbs (series 1-7)122
Sea of Love14
Sean Hughes - Right Side of Wrong [The]54
Sean Lock - Complete Live Collection [The]123
Sean Walsh - Sean to be Wild54
Sensitive Skin (series 1 - 2, complete)85
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll122
Sex and the City (the film)75
Sex Lives of the Potato Men85
Sgt Bilko (complete)121
Sgt Bilko (the film)121
Shakespear in Love85
Shallow Grave72
Shawshank Redemption [The]71
Sherlock (series 1-3, complete)123
Sherlock Holmes's Cleverer Brother123
Shining [The]71
Shipping News (Schiffsmeldung) [The]81
Shirley Valentine83
Silence of the Lambs (Das Schweigen...) [The]81
Simon Evans - Theatre Royal52
Sin City21
Sin City 221
Sin Eater [The]122
Six Feet Under (seasons 1-5, complete)122
Sleepy Hollow121
Slumdog Millionaire73
Social Network [The]14
Space Cowboys21
Spaced (series 1-2, complete)123
Spinal Tap [This is]63
St Trinian's 123
St Trinian's 2123
Star Trek31
Star Trek - Into Darkness - 3D93
Star Trek I: The Motion Picture31
Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn31
Star Trek III The Search for Spock31
Star Trek IV31
Starsky and Hutch91
State of Play11
Steelyard Blues75
Stella (series 1-5, complete)122
Stepford Wives [The]74
Stephen Merchant - Hello Ladies52
Steve Coogan - As Alan Partridge123
Steve Coogan - Complete Coogan [The]123
Steve Coogan - Live Collection123
Steve Reich - City Life112
Stewart Lee - Comedy Vehicle (Series 1-4, complete)53
Stewart Lee - Standup Comedian53
Sting [The]62
Stranger [The]12
Straw Dogs82
Sweet Home Alabama75
Taxi Driver12
Tears of the Sun122
Terminator 2 Judgement Day - 3D93
Terminator 5 Genisys122
Terminator 6 Dark Fate122
That Mitchell and Webb Look (Series 1 - 4, complete)102
Thelma & Louise61
Theory of Everything [The]121
There Will be Blood81
Thin Red Line (Der Schmale Grat) [The]74
Third Star11
This is England72
Three and Out123
Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri122
Three Burials11
Tim Minchin - Heritage Orchestra, Albert Hall53
Tipping the Velvet11
Tommy Cooper - Very Best of [The]123
Tracy Ullman's Show123
Training Day122
Trip [The]52
Trip to Greece [The]52
Trip to Italy [The]52
Trip to Spain [The]52
True Grit84
True Lies (Wahre Lügen)11
True Romance121
Truman Show [The]74
Trust the Man75
Truth about Climate Change [The]94
Twelve Monkeys122
Twenty Twelve (series 1-2, complete)121
Two for the Money65
Two Letters from Iwo Jima123
U.S. Marshals (Auf der Jagd)72
Ultimate Worzel Gummidge DVD Collection [The]123
Usual Suspects [The]71
Victor Borge - Collection Volumes I-II121
Waking Ned63
Walk the Line71
Way of the Gun [The]14
Wayne's World41
Wayne's World 241
Werner Herzog - Collection121
Wes Anderson - Bottle Rocket111
Wes Anderson - Darjeeling Limited [The]111
Wes Anderson - Grand Budapest Hotel [The]111
Wes Anderson - Life Aquatic [The]111
Wes Anderson - Moonrise Kingdom111
Wes Anderson - Royal Tenenbaums [The]111
Wes Anderson - Rushmore111
What Lies Beneath14
Whistleblowers [The]85
Who Framed Roger Rabbit123
Wild Hogs75
Wind that Shakes the Barley [The]72
Wire (complete) [The]122
Wonder Boys65
Wonders of the Solar system94
Woody Allen - Annie Hall123
Woody Allen - Picking up the Pieces123
Woody Allen - Play it again Sam123
Woody Allen - Sunshine Boys123
Woody Allen - Take the Money and Run123
Wrestler [The]62
Wrong Box [The]111
You, Me and Dupree91
Young Frankenstein83

Previous & Planned Showings

Despite the pandemic, Ciné-Moi has managed to keep the show on the road for a small ‘bubble’ with an eclectic selection of films over the last few months. These and some planned films are listed below:

2019-07-25Conversations with my Gardener2007Jean BeckerDaneil Auteuil
2019-11-30Dr Zhivago1965David LeanOmar Sharif
2021-01-09Breaking Away1979Peter Yates Dennis Quaid
2021-01-16Paris Texas1984Wim WendersNastassja Kinski
2021-01-23Bagdad Café1987Percy AdlonMarianne Sägebrecht
2021-01-30Salt of the Earth2014Sebastiaou SalgadoWim Wenders
2021-02-13The Sapphires2012Wayne BlairChris O'Dowd
2021-02-20Dallas Buyers Club2013Jean Marc ValléeMatthew McConaughy
2021-02-27Sweet Home Alabama2002Andy TennantReese Witherspoon
2021-03-06Blancanieves2012Pablo BergerMarcarena García
2021-03-06Saving Grace2000Nigel ColeBrenda Blethyn
2021-03-13Sunshine on Leith2013Dexter FletcherGeorge McKay
2021-03-20Sometimes Always Never2018Carl HunterBill Nighy
2021-04-10What's Eating Gilbert Grape?1993 Lasse HallströmJohnny Depp
2021-03-27The Grand Budapest Hotel2014Wes AndersonRalph Fiennes
2021-05-01Fisher King1991Terry GiliamGeoff Bridges
2021-05-08The Usual Suspects1995Bryan SingerKevin Spacey
plannedThe Truman Show1998Peter WeirJim Carrey
plannedLorenzo's Oil1992George MillerNick Nolte