Cornucopia website LIVE

Cornucopia has jumped through all the hoops, lined up the ducks, dotted the “i”s and crossed the “t”s to being an actual, real, in-your-face website. It went live on Sunday and got its first home page on Monday; it is very much a site under construction.

So bear with me as the site develops and blossoms over the coming weeks to becoming a site of special interest (SSE).

Please be aware that this site is still a hard hat area and I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hard hat

2 thoughts on “Cornucopia website LIVE”

  1. I don’t have a hard hat as yet but wish I did while jumping in here. It’s a bit confusing writing comments when you can no longer see what it is that you are commenting on.
    I like the horn of plenty photo; it’s nice and bright with lots of inviting white space.
    I’ve always loved your Notices – have you any new ones lined up? Where’s the basket of irony?
    Particularly like machine no. 3 – I think. I daren’t check in case I can’t negotiate my way back. The image numbering is backwards, but maybe that’s what you intended.
    It’s looking good!

    1. I hadn’t bargained on feedback for individual photos and galleries. So far, all correspondance has been post-based, so I suppose “Cornucopia” was the obvious choice. This is why it’s so helpful when people do stuff like this!
      The photo numbering is irrelevant; I haven’t found out how to suppress displaying the file names, so that’s annoying.
      Basket of irony eh? So much to do…

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