New films coming soon…

Here’s hoping the corona virus doesn’t stop all social and cultural activity. Fortunately, my sitting room is large enough for everyone to self-isolate in comfort.

These new films will be available from the beginning of April:

The screenplays for the first two films were written by one of my school contemporaries, Charlie Peters. For more on him, go to the section of the website dedicated to my school days. Lorenzo’s Oil was recommended by him.

Looking for Mr Goodbar is a steamy, violent film noir with Diane Keaton as a schoolteacher living an extraordinary double life, not unlike Kathleen Turner in the equally noir Crimes of Passion. This has been on my list of “must haves” for quite a while.

Liquid Sky, Themroc, Napoleon and Elvira Madigan are rare cult films normally shown only in obscure film clubs. Say no more. (Napoleon is five hours long by the way, so bring sandwiches & drinks).

The Joker is the recent multi-award winning Batman offshoot with Joaquín Phoenix in the title rôle.

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