“Sundays” – world premiere today!

Today sees the release of the new track “Sundays”. This is the first track I’ve done since I moved to Brighton that I consider worth publishing. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on ““Sundays” – world premiere today!”

  1. Love the texturing and progression, sort of more melodic lofi vibe, good use of dogs!

    From a technical point of view (you knew I’d go there), lot of mud in the low-mids, put a low pass on almost everything apart from base and kick. There’s some masking going on as well. Also something really weird is up with the stereo imaging, listening on the studio monitors it appears the right channel is very dominant. Little trick for general mud on the sides, add an eq to side channel only and low cut it at about 250-300Hz, this will keep all low frequency sounds centred and give more room for the mids on the sides.

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