New music – “Sundays” for review

Latest piece (first draft) now available for review.

Continuing the development of this exciting new genre “experiential electronica”, this piece is an expression of the sensations and thoughts of an elderly person going for a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “New music – “Sundays” for review”

  1. It’s an interesting piece. I’m guessing – waking up, day in the park then evening and back to bed? Could be rhythmically stronger in the middle parts, as it is it doesn’t quite seem to get going and some of the background ambient sounds might work better if they are a bit more prominent. You could also try re-amping some of the midi sounds. ‘Sound’ needs to travel through air to sound authentic otherwise it’s just signals in the box (call me old fashioned or what!!)

    1. Thanks Phil. I agree with you on most things but I’m not going to do the “air travel” bit, not at the moment anyway!

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